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Creating safe and inclusive spaces for the conversations student communities often find hard to step into,
and even harder to navigate.

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This is what you can expect from our workshops

For your own actions but also those of your community

Of personal experiences, and cultural & societal norms

By co-creating processes of change

Our Workshops

Our Grassroots Workshops

Designed for sports teams, student associations, social clubs, SUs, student leaders and residences – create open and safe spaces through which students can access challenging conversations. Our workshops are designed to have an impact on both individual participants and collective group culture.

What it covers

  • Masculinities, team culture, equality and equity, allyship & inclusion
  • Mental well being, support structures, bullying & discrimination
  • Sex, consent culture and healthy relationships, sexual harassment and violence, active bystanders

How it works

120 minute interactive sessions run by trained facilitators. Men’s & mixed gender options available for most workshops, with a preference to begin with single-gender spaces.

All of our workshops can be delivered in-person or online, to suit your needs. So, talk to us about what would work for you!
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Cultivating Inclusive Leadership

Designed for students in/going into positions of leadership within teams, clubs, societies or residences. We provide a framework for personal development in leadership and the chance to create an action plan to put into practise on the back of the workshop.

What it covers

The workshop focuses on four topic areas: 1) communication & boundaries; 2) consent culture (sexual violence and harassment); 3) inclusion & belonging; and 4) supporting & reporting. Opportunities for collaboration between different student groups.

How It Works

Two 120 minute interactive sessions run by trained facilitators with follow up materials, action plans, and tools for student leaders to bring to their clubs and associations.

All of our workshops can be delivered in-person or online, to suit your needs.

So, talk to us about what would work for you!
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Teaching For Inclusion

Training workshops and programs for staff to prepare teachers and support staff to have the positive influence that they would like to make on student experience and campus culture.
We raise awareness of student experiences, and empower staff to be better teachers, support staff and community members, through their everyday roles, and co-creating & implementing an action plan as a team.

We also offer workshops highlighting different experiences and cultures of men at university.

What it consists of

Options available for multi-workshop courses and introductory events and training. 40-120mins. All workshops are currently online.

All of our workshops can be delivered in-person or online, to suit your needs. So, talk to us about what would work for you!
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Eight out of ten students who participated in one of our University workshops during the 2019/20 academic year said they would recommend it to other students

Our Impact

Building a more equitable and inclusive campus culture can be challenging and uncomfortable. For universities, institutions and teams to benefit from genuinely diverse and inclusive campuses and student populations, change needs to be embraced culturally.

We have a successful track record in delivering practicable, relatable and effective workshops for long lasting societal change. Download our report.

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Who we've helped

University of Hull

“I would genuinely recommend giving this to all male sports teams and uni. I think it will benefit them massively especially talking about topics they wouldn't have time for at training”

Athletics Union President
University of Exeter

“The workshops provide a template for conversations that allow us to then drive them forward with our team mates, our house mates and our peers”

We've worked with 38 Universities in the last 12 months, including

“The team did a fantastic job of taking our input and creating an engaging end product that defied expectation.”

“We were ecstatic when we saw the website, they took everything on board and created greatness.”

“We started to see positive results immediately after using Inform to create our newest website.”

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