Working with men and boys towards gender equality, inclusive communities, and healthier relationships.

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From schools to workplaces

We disrupt expectations, stereotypes and pressures to fit in. We open up the possibility for connection, support and personal growth. We equip you with new perspectives, kick starting a process of community change and empowering us all to be better.

Participants and counting
over 90%
Of young people recommend us
We’ve trained more than 400 volunteer role models
How we move
Positive Inspiration
Change is possible! We give people space to become confident and capable of making positive changes.
We know change can be difficult and confronting so we guide people with empathy and avoid accusation.
Role Provocateur
We create opportunities to see how our lives impact on others in ways we’ve not realised before. Accountability leads to action.
Equitable Future
The future is shared. We’re building a society free from gender discrimination, violence, and prejudice, and where everyone is treated equally.

Our Programmes


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Our Programmes

We work with men and boys of all ages. Get in touch with us to learn more about how we can help you or your organisation.


"The sessions have enabled our team to move past their, at times, defensive reactions, to understand their everyday actions from a different perspective. This empowers our team with the tools to make changes in the future"

Corporate Finance E&I Team

[I liked] “The honesty and reality of it. Really made me think about my life and my mates”

Year 11 Pupil

“All the lads were open and Honest and it ran really smoothly. I would genuinely recommend giving this to all male sports teams and uni because I think it will benefit them massively especially talking about topics they wouldn't have time for at training”

Rugby League Club Captain
University of Hull

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