Connection as Resilience

Movember is backing Beyond Equality to help groups of men create supportive connections for when life throws challenges in their direction.

We are setting up local teams of facilitators, training community leaders, and working directly with groups of men to open conversations that actually matter for their well-being and that of their mates.

We're up and running in Bristol, SW England, South Wales & London, NE England and new locations coming soon.

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Men’s mental health has never been more important

61% of 18-24 yr olds
Feel UK society expects a man to “man up” when faced with a challenge

46% wouldn’t ask for help
for a problem making them upset, anxious or depressed, “even if things got really bad.”

Only 36% of referrals
to NHS talking therapies are for men.

This can change. But first, men need to be able to share  what's really going on

We're working at three levels in each hub location

Local Facilitators
Professional team of locals supported by national network

Community Leaders
Expert training to allow supportive and inclusive community leadership

Group Workshops
Building strong connections within groups of men

Group Workshops

Designed for men who are already part of a group, this interactive 3 workshop series empowers the group to connect with curiosity and laughter, to build those connections of genuine support in those tough moments. It's perfect for groups of 6-20 people from community organisations, sports teams, religious groups, support centres and more.

To fix it, you need to talk about it

  • How men can move past 'survival' mode to 'thrive mode'
  • Well-being as something we build through everyday actions
  • The power of groups of men having brave and compassionate conversations about their own struggles

How it works

120 minute interactive sessions run by trained facilitators. Men’s & mixed gender options available

Crushing Those Stereotypes that Shut Us Down

This workshop gets the group to surface the wide range of ideas, pressures and expectations they've heard about men, reflect on how this has impacted on them and others, and make a choice to leave behind anything that's holding them back

What it covers

This session talks about how men are taught to live up to certain ideas of who they should be. It will give space to talk about the discomfort of asking for help. And the group will explore how to build social ties that encourage men to get support when they need it.

Creating new types of connections

The workshop will take participants beyond the 'are you ok?' to explore the barriers they, and others face to receiving support. We will do the foundational work to allow the group to get each other past these barriers.
In doing so, we can create a supportive environment in our community for everyone of all identities.

What it consists of

Identify the key pillars of active listening and then developing those skills by putting them into practise
Building empathy for, and identifying the barriers others face (based on their identities) in accessing support structures and the communities we represent and have agency over
Reflecting on the ways we can shape our own support structures, through a process of allyship and proactivity, while highlighting the gratitude we have for the avenues of support that we are already able to access

Our Community Leader Training

Leaders of every sort
From social workers to team captains to faith leaders

Professional training
Awareness and skills for building inclusive and supportive community

Free development and community
One day of training plus ongoing group mentoring
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