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We work with young men, preparing them to face social and mental pressures that come with playing a professional sport, and giving them the tools to have a more positive impact on their communities.


Who we've worked with

“The team did a fantastic job of taking our input and creating an engaging end product that defied expectation.”

“We were ecstatic when we saw the website, they took everything on board and created greatness.”

“We started to see positive results immediately after using Inform to create our newest website.”

What you can expect from our workshops

All of our workshops and projects are designed to be highly interactive. Using a combination of role play, thought provoking exercises exercises deep reflection activities

No Judgement
Facing the pressures that come with being a pro athlete is no joke, and opening up can feel challenging and new. Interactive games and personal connections give young men a chance to share their experiences and views, to disagree, and to support each other.

Experienced Team
Our facilitators are passionate about young people, and have experience in working in professional sports and academies. We understand the challenges facing aspiring young male athletes as men and as aspiring athletes.

Our Programmes

We offer interactive workshops that your athletes will actually enjoy. We have workshop series for each academy age group to support them as they strive to reach their potential. We also provide staff training for clubs and academy staff.

Exploring Identities, Creating Culture

The Character and Culture pillar focuses on giving young people a chance to share their experiences and explore who they are as young men in a society full of pressures and expectations.

What they cover

- Exploring positive masculinity 
- Developing and nurturing personal identities 
- Building space for individuals to create a supportive group culture

How it works

Character and culture is at the core of all our staff, athlete and young person training. Interactive 45 min sessions tailored for each academy age group. 3x60 min staff training online.
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Stronger Through Connecting

Mental wellbeing pillar takes a wholistic approach to player welfare, looking to replace negative rhetoric with a culture and values that support good mental wellbeing.

What they cover

- Destigmatising mental health and well-being as men and pro-athletes
- Building resilience by connecting with others
- Managing performance related stress

How it works

Interactive 45 min sessions tailored for each academy age group.

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Linking to Society

The Life Skills and Development pillar gives young athletes a chance to see what role and impact they have on those around them. Paricularly we look at attitudes that normalise sexism, sexual violence and discrimination, and help them see their role in prevention.

What they cover

- Dissecting difficult or challenging social issues faced by young men 
- Partaking in positive conversations about personal roles and responsibilities
- Exploring next steps for action’

How it works

Interactive 45 min sessions tailored for each academy age group.
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Who we've helped

Martin Prickett
Head of Education, Crystal Palace

"The content delivered is inspiring, relevant and provides the players with useful strategies to help in their day to day and football life”

Tim Greenwell
Chief Legal and Risk, Southampton FC

“They took the challenge of training some of our most challenging age groups and produced sessions that were informative but more importantly full of energy"

Debbie Timberlake
Manchester City FC Academy

"The [player] feedback was very positive and indicated an increase in knowledge across the board. We will certainly be inviting them back."

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