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Note from the Director

There's a need and an opportunity in the UK to engage men in a brave and transformative rethinking of what 'being a man' means for them and others. We need to engage all men in preventing gender based violence and creating communities that are safe for everyone. We need to give all men and boys the chance to develop identities and behaviours that are healthier for themselves and others. 

Boys won’t be boys, they’ll be what we teach them to be.

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How it all started

Beyond Equality began as schools (Great Men) and university (Good Lad) projects, both of which used interactive conversations with young men and boys to give them the chance to think about who they would like to be and to discover how they could help to create safer and equitable communities.

Eight years later we’re now sparking those conversations in organisations and communities across the UK and beyond. 

- Engage Men and Boys
- Rethink Masculinities
- Create Gender Equality
- Prevent Gender-Based Violence
World based on respectful, positive and equitable relationships
Our Team

Daniel Guinness

Managing Director

Dan is passionate about helping men & boys rethink masculinities and their lives, so that they are equipped with the knowledge, peer-support and community to practice doing better by women, girls and non-binary people, by each other, and by themselves. He began rethinking his own identity while recovering from multiple back surgeries. It was when he started to learn about the impact of sexual violence that he started to reconsider his own relationships and what men like him thought was harmless banter and normal behaviour. Alongside his gentleness and authenticity, it is this dedication that makes him particularly good at getting people on board with our work. Dan holds a PhD in Cultural Anthropology from Oxford University and has published in multiple peer-reviewed journals on the results of his multi-year research projects into masculinities, changing organisational cultures, and mobility within global labour markets. Dan used to play professional rugby but these days he is more likely to be found biking around his neighbourhood, adventuring with his dog and cooking with his partner.

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Ben Hurst

Head of Facilitation

Ben is a talented and versatile facilitator and he’s most at home in front of a rowdy group of young people or steering a new cohort of volunteers through complex issues. Ben’s warmth, humour, and energy (aka his legendary charm!) are central in building and maintaining our volunteer community and in getting people on board with our approach and mission. Ben has a wealth of experience in working with young people having previously worked at sex education charity ACET UK (Esteem) and gaining a degree in Youth Work and Theology from Regents Theological College. Outside of work, Ben is a photographer and artist. He runs music events via Soulfeatures and Scotch Bonnet as well as providing freelance facilitation via Space for PSHE and co-delivering critical whiteness and anti-racist practice training with Decology.

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Kasey Robinson

Business Development and Sales Manager, Workplaces

Kasey Robinson BA (Hons) MSc is an Inclusion and Equity and Wellbeing Facilitator and Consultant. Originally from the UK she has also lived and worked in the US and France and Monaco. She has a Masters degree in Gender from The London School of Economics and Political Science and over the years has worked with many companies and organisations ranging from healthcare brands, retail brands, schools, colleges and universities, national governments, intergovernmental organisations and charities/NGO's. Her work focuses on exploring and advocating for gender equality/equity, anti racism, LGBTQ rights and visibility, masculinities, sexual harassment prevention and period equity through holistic, people first workshops and projects.

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Richie Benson

Universities Project Lead

Richie is an experienced educator, youth worker, trainer and facilitator, passionate about social activism and building inclusive communities. He has worked with young people in schools, youth groups, colleges, universities and community centres; and with adults in a range of corporate and charity settings, both in the UK and internationally. Alongside his facilitation work, he is a filmmaker and auteur, with a focus on ethnographic documentary. He studied Political Science & American Studies at the University of Sussex, as well as Documentary Directing at EICTV in San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba. Beyond the professional world, Richie can often be found shaving his legs to ready them for long bike rides, and can less-often be found on stage at open mic nights deconstructing Craig David lyrics or spinning stories about the personalities of different typefaces. Oh, and he's a BIG East 17 fanboi.

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Jade Ecobichon-Gray

NW England Lead, Facilitation training

Jade Ecobichon-Gray, BSc (Hons) MSc is an experienced wellness and racial equality facilitator and consultant. She has a Masters degree in Health Psychology and has spent over a decade working as a behavioural change practitioner with a diverse range of clients in both public and private sector organisations. Jade’s passion is social wellness and having recently moved to Liverpool her current work focuses on creating opportunities to authentically enhance connection, collaboration, and community for positive and sustainable social change. Jade also has a keen interest in the relationship between racial identity and wellbeing, facilitating workshops and masterclasses for mixed-race adults in both the UK and US. Jade is the Panel Lead for the Greater Manchester Race Equality Panel, a mentor for the Women of Colour Global Network and a member of the ITV Granada Diversity and Inclusion Committee. Outside of her professional life Jade is happiest outdoors in nature with a camera in her hand or snuggled up on the sofa with a great book. A self-proclaimed Island girl Jade grew up in Jersey and makes it her mission to get back and enjoy some long summer days on the beach.

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Sharan Jaswal

Head of Volunteer Training

Sharan is an experienced educator passionate about social justice, creative facilitation and empowering young people with ‘skills for real life’. She has worked with diverse groups of young people in schools, community groups, leaving care teams and prisons both in the UK and internationally. Sharan looks after the volunteers of Good Lad Initiative, making sure that we give them the best possible support for their ongoing development as dynamic, thoughtful and engaging facilitators.

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Siobhan Padayachee

Project Manager, Universities; Booking and Sales Coordinator

Siobhan is super efficient, organised and lives for getting things in working order - which is perfect for her role at GLI. Based in Manchester, she heads up our centre in the NW. She joins us from a career in scientific research and holds a masters in the Medical and Molecular biosciences, and this background has given her the perfect skill set for managing large projects and data, which is enabling her to streamline our various bookings & volunteer applicant processes. In her spare time you might find her dancing salsa or completing ridiculously large puzzles.

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Zuzana Brown

Bookings and Sales Coordinator

Zuzana has a wealth of experience in the charity sector and her knowledge is accompanied by great enthusiasm for helping children and young people to thrive. Zuzana grew up in Slovakia, completed further education in the UK, and has been working to combat children’s inequality, and promote child welfare, health & mental wellbeing ever since. Outside of work, Zuzana has been happily fulfilling her dream of being a good mum to her two young children, teaching them the joys of gardening, wild-water swimming and cross-country skiing.

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Georgia Donnelly

Volunteer Community Coordinator

Georgia is one of our new Volunteer Community Coordinators. As well as working for Beyond Equality, she is also a specialist vegan chef and a campaign coordinator for Girls Against, an organisation which raises awareness of and aims to prevent sexual harassment and assault at gigs & festivals. She is also incredibly passionate about environmental conservation, having recently completed a degree in Animal Behaviour.

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Nathaniel Horne

Schools & Volunteer Community Coordinator

Nathaniel has volunteered as a workshop facilitator for Beyond Equality since early 2017. He really enjoys engaging with young people and listening to them share their ideas on gender equality and the various significant issues that people (young and old) don't always get to discuss in detail. He helps to create and maintain a warm and open space that enables them to truly be as honest and forthcoming as possible. This is also the environment he aims for as volunteer community coordinator - where his role is to be the point of communication between our big community of volunteers and the core staff team of Beyond Equality, sending out the weekly newsletters and keeping them updated on events. Outside of work, Nathaniel is an actor and writer and passionate resident of Ealing, West London.

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Claudia Eiroa Jerez

External Communications

Claudia graduated in Illustration and animation. She became interested in fighting inequality in her teenage years in Spain and began activism ever since. In her free time she enjoys singing, running and sunny evenings in the park. She also loves dogs and powerful hand-dryers.

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Our Board

Janey Starling

Rachel Cassidy

Nikolas Kirby

David Llewellyn

Willy Oppenheim

Alyssa Ordu

Georgia Rigg

Satwinder Sandhu

Donald Mbeutcha

Erica Mirick

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