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Work with BE to end VAW (at unis)

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It has been impossible over recent weeks to ignore the increasing focus on gender inequality, and the role that men have to play in fighting against it. In particular, the public safety of women of all ages has not only come under the microscope but has also become part of the national consciousness. 


Let’s just let it sink in for a second that an estimated 50,000 incidents of sexual harassment take place in UK universities ever year (Unsafe Spaces: Ending Sexual Abuse In Universities) and that 86% of women aged 18-24 in the UK have said they had been sexually harassed in public spaces (UN Women UK).


Even if we’re all making positive steps to tackle this, there’s plenty more work to be done.


So, with a return to on-campus life fast approaching it should be an exciting time for universities, and as a current student/graduate of INSERT INSTITUTION HERE, I want to know that this is that case where I study/once studied. 


Building a more equitable and inclusive campus culture can be challenging and uncomfortable, of course. For everyone to benefit from a genuinely diverse and inclusive community at INSERT INSTITUTION HERE, change needs to be embraced culturally and at all levels. 


To support you in creating a safe and inclusive campus for both new and existing students, I would like to recommend the work of Beyond Equality. They are a charity who push forward the conversations around accountability of sex and healthy relationships and inclusion and belonging and who help both indiviuals and groups unpack masculinities and challenge men to be part of the solution to issues like GBV. It’s about the co-creation of processes of actionable change that can bring about the cultural shifts that we all want – and need – to see. 


It is important that the pleas of women and marginalised genders translate to men as a need to take these issues more seriously and part of the start of a movement, and not just a moment. This is INSERT INSTITUTION HERE’s opportunity to be a proactive leader in this regard. 


How to get in touch with Beyond Equality:


Website –

Email – (Universities Project Lead)

Instagram - @beyond_equality

Twitter - @Beyond_Equality


As an alumni/ a student, I look forward to seeing how the INSERT INSTITUTION HERE takes important steps forward as an active part of the conversations around diversity, equity and inclusion within the student population.


Yours sincerely,





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