Men- A poem by Matt Dickinson

MEN, a poem by Matt Dickinson

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A Note from Matt Dickinson
Some aspects of this piece relate to my own lived experiences and those that people have shared with me, they are not intended to reflect the lives or views of everyone


We are failing one other.

We are failing ourselves.

we live muted, lukewarm lives

isolated and restrained

for fear of standing out

(in case they shame us)

yet we’re crying out to be seen

to be heard

to be loved.

We don’t know true friendship

deep, rich connection

only revealing our authentic naked souls

in tightly controlled doses -

family, romance and England 2-1.

But even then,

you haven’t written a birthday card

for your brother in years

football rarely comes home

and you ruined so many friendships

confusing kindness with lust

because you’ve never known them apart.

Your oldest female friend

you’ve known her 10 years

she was checking in with you

not checking you out

don’t burn another bridge

the last one you have

because superficial banter

and shared activities

with no meaningful dialogue

won’t be there for you at 2am

when you’re at your lowest

no matter how many years you do it for.

Do you talk about your feelings?

dumping on your sister doesn’t count

and your ex was sick of playing therapist

perhaps a more important question is -

Do you invite other men

to tell you about theirs?

Be the man

who says to other men

I love you and I’m here for you

I’ll listen to your needs

a warmth you’ve never felt

until one day

your own revolution

taps you on the shoulder

and says - “hey man, are you ok?”

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