Announcement: Collective Resilience in Community Settings project funded by Movember

We are very excited to announce the project "Collective Resilience in Community Settings" funded by Movember.

An image of a workshop session with a Rugby team

Let's make this real.

We believe in the power of inclusive and supportive communities. We're running community projects with groups of men across the UK to help them connect in new ways. Allowing men to:

-Recognise social dynamics that enable harmful stereotypes

-Challenge stigmas associated with self-care, emotional expression and help-seeking

-Build communities that encourage care and wellbeing

-Understand and challenge intersecting structures of inequality that are key contributors to barriers to mental health and well-being, and risk factors for suicide among socially disadvantaged men

The project will work with men across 11 locations, in a variety of sports and community settings, including with socially disadvantaged communities.

We will train and support local community leaders and youth workers to run a locally- tailored series of workshops. We want more relevant discussions and long-term connections.

Thank you Movember for this amazing opportunity and support. We keep working!

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