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London; NW UK; Remote working.
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Beyond Equality works with men and boys towards gender equality, inclusive communities, and healthier relationships.We have had deep and transformative conversations with over 40,000 young men and boys about their lives and how they want to make positive changes for gender equality and better communities. 

We are recruiting a group of Lead Facilitators to set the bar for excellence in workshop facilitation, delivering engaging, challenging and creative workshops. Lead Facilitators will be hired and trained to deliver workshops to one or more of the following cohorts:

  • Young people in and out of school 
  • School teachers

Information Pack: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Eafype7jnkKoLM8ad1qrHqQF0bCzBffX/view?usp=sharing

To apply to be a Lead Facilitator with Beyond Equality, please complete the following application form and send a short (1 page max) CV to daniel@beyondequality.org

Deadlines: This is a rolling application process

Duties and Responsibilities

Workshop Delivery

  • In person schools workshops for male identifying students in the NW region of England and Leeds. This is a male-identifying (or passing) facilitator team;
  • We are also recruiting a mixed gender team for running university workshops in the same regions.

Feedback on Workshops

  • Standard feedback and other basic administration tasks are required after every workshop. 

Person Specification

Our dream Lead Facilitators can think creatively about how to reach people through facilitation, and is able to create spaces for people to navigate difficult conversations. We want someone who can work in a small team and complete tasks without close supervision. 

People who have experience and skills as youth workers are particularly encouraged to apply.


  • Demonstrated commitment to compassion
  • Commitment to anti-oppression work including anti-racism and gender justice work


  • Strong facilitation skills and the ability to create courageous spaces for individual and group reflections.
  • Capable of guiding people through new and challenging ideas in creative and engaging ways
  • Candidates must be willing and able to compassionately support volunteer facilitators – who they will sometimes work alongside – in their development.


  • Understand the importance of putting adequate time into preparing for a workshop in advance, and who can think on their feet. 
  • A working knowledge of gendered socialisation & stereotypes, social norms & group dynamics, power dynamics (particularly systems of privilege/oppression including race and class oppression), and Intersectional Feminism


  • Experience of facilitating group learning at a professional level (including youth work in community organisations)
  • Experience of working with boys aged 10-19 (for schools work)
  • Experience of working with university students (for university roles)
  • This can be experience facilitating, working or volunteering.
  • Experience working in anti-oppression, sexual violence prevention, masculinities or mental wellbeing
  • Delivered at least 20 workshops or similar interventions

Geographic Location:

  • Currently we are recruiting for NW of England and Leeds. We will recruit for other areas in the future.



  • All Lead Facilitators are required to attend a one-day onboarding training course
  • They will be trained & observe relevant workshops 
  • They will begin by co-facilitating with a more experienced facilitator

Workshop delivery 

  • Beyond Equality prizes a culture of reflection, iterative improvement and learning 
  • Lead facilitators will have access to the Beyond Equality ongoing learning and training, including weekly events, resources and learning platforms


  • There are leadership development opportunities through workshop coordination and volunteer management

Compensation and Contract

Lead Facilitator pay rates begin inline with staff pay rates of £150/day, or £20/hr. Higher rates are available for experienced trainers, with development opportunities available. Facilitators are paid for time spent in briefing, debriefing and any training.

Specific project requirements will be determined quarterly, with some Lead Facilitators expected to be working part-time and others as casual freelancers.

Equal Opportunities

Beyond Equality values diversity and inclusion and we have worked to create an application process that is as accessible as possible, however we still recognise that there is maybe more we can do especially for applicants who are minoritised in society, have specific accessibility needs and/or experience discrimination. If this is the case we are both happy and open to discussing better ways to support your candidacy and make this application process as equitable as possible for you. 

We’re open to non-conventional experience and expertise. People from communities which traditionally experience discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity or immigration status; women; new parents; people with disabilities and LGBTQI+ people are encouraged to apply.

We are a diverse organisation and welcome everyone but it is important to note that the intersections of your identity will not increase or affect the amount of labour you are asked to do. If you wish to draw on your own lived experiences that will be both encouraged and supported but it is not nor ever will be a prerequisite of this role. 

How to Apply:

To apply to be a Lead Facilitator with Beyond Equality, please complete the following application form and send a short (1 page max) CV to daniel@beyondequality.org