Head of Quality, Learning and Impact

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Beyond Equality has a team of incredibly talented and dedicated facilitators, and are very proud of the spaces that we create for people of all ages to rethink masculinities. 

We’re looking for someone who can bring the best out of each and everyone of these facilitators, particularly as we grow from being a small organisation, to having a much larger team. The dream candidate would be able to give our facilitators a structure in which they can develop their own skills and practices, and ensure we’re effectively reviewing our workshop content and knowledge bases.

This will include evolving the organisation to structures capable of supporting an expanding team, delivering a range of workshops, distributed across geographic locations. 

Key Tasks

Implement quality control and learning systems

  • Update our internal learning structures and platforms
  • Commission/carry out necessary additions
  • Update and implement our system for facilitator review
  • Update our system for workshop review
  • Review our impact monitoring tools and strategy

Establishing systems for bringing different forms of (subject) knowledge within the organisation together, including:

  • Internal Topic specialists 
  • Community of practice groups 
  • External advisors 
  • Networks & collaborators 
  • Overseeing the creation of topic guides & Edge online learning platform
  • Curating our internal training series

 Overseeing the content review and development processes 

  • Guide departmental leads in the creation of effective content review and development processes

Creating spaces for ongoing development of our skills:

  • Overseeing Community of Practice sessions for relevant departments
  • Peer-learning environments
  • Mentoring structure 
  • Facilitator Quality Assurance structure

Input into the production of externally facing knowledge

  • Planning blog & discussion series with External Media Coordinator 
  • Creating talking points with spokespeople

Monitoring and Assessing the output and impact our organisation is having 

  • Consulting with teams and existing M&E advisors to review impact evaluation processes
  • Coordinate implementation of impact assessments 
  • Produce annual impact report 

Role overview

Reporting to Managing Director

Role purpose

The Head of Impact will empower the Beyond Equality team to deliver more effective work, by deepening our knowledge base, ensuring the quality of all our work, and creating opportunities for improving facilitation skills across a growing organisation. This will enable the organisation to maintain and improve the impact of our work, while we expand our reach. 

Skills, knowledge and experience


  • Commitment to anti-oppression work including anti-racism and gender justice work
  • Demonstrated commitment to compassion


  • Excellent at setting up secondary research, processing information, storing information and sharing information  
  • Strong communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Capable of guiding people through new and challenging ideas in creative and engaging ways
  • Good collaborative research and knowledge production skills (facilitating group workshops)
  • Knowledge of reflective practice 
  • Insight into organisational change processes


  • We would expect the Head of Impact to have a foundational knowledge of all areas of our work, deep knowledge of some of our key topics and to be an expert in at least one. 
  • The core contributions of Beyond Equality are towards: gender transformative approaches to masculinities; sex and healthy relationships; Increased allyship and inclusive cultures; wellbeing and emotional expression. 
  • The main forms of analysis are: intersectional feminist; anti-oppression; social norms. Our main approaches are primary prevention through population and social group level interventions.
  • Specific issues we regularly address: VAWG, SV, GBV, mental wellbeing, bullying, sexism, misogyny, homophobia & gender inequality
  • A working knowledge of gendered socialisation & stereotypes, social norms & group dynamics, power dynamics (particularly systems of privilege/oppression including race and class oppression), and Intersectional Feminism
  • Awareness of multiple masculinities, and willingness to learn about the diverse experiences of different men in the UK and beyond.
  • Awareness of intersecting forms of oppression.
  • Awareness of importance of adapting to local context and sector specific dynamics
  • Organisational change theory


  • Experience collating secondary research into learning modules (e.g. creating courses or learning journeys)
  • Experience curating peer-review sessions
  • Experience of facilitating group learning at a professional level
  • Experience working in anti-oppression, sexual violence prevention, masculinities or mental wellbeing
  • Experience delivering explorative workshops
  • Desirable: Extensive experience in working with one or more of our key client / beneficiary groups (workplaces, schools, professional sports, universities)

Remuneration and contracting

Pay £37,000 - £42,000 Full time

Depending on successful candidate's experience.


  • Full time role. Flexible working hours.
  • Part-time (4 days/week) negotiable
  • Remote based work 
  • Monthly in person work in London
  • Quarterly in person work in other UK locations 
  • 3 month probation period, then permanent contract

Development and support


  • Complete multi-day onboarding with other staff
  • Observe relevant workshops
  • Liaise with staff currently leading on different aspects of knowledge creation & internal learning

Professional Development 

  • Beyond Equality prizes a culture of reflection, iterative improvement and learning 
  • There is a professional development budget for each individual 


  • This is a leadership position within the organisation 
  • It will provide opportunities to report directly to the Trustees
  • The Head of Impact will be part of the Senior Staff group

Equal Opportunities

Beyond Equality values diversity and inclusion and we have worked to create an application process that is as accessible as possible, however we still recognise that there is maybe more we can do especially for applicants who are minoritised in society, have specific accessibility needs and/or experience discrimination. If this is the case we are both happy and open to discussing better ways to support your candidacy and make this application process as equitable as possible for you. 

We’re open to non-conventional experience and expertise. People from communities which traditionally experience discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity or immigration status; women; new parents; people with disabilities and LGBTQI+ people are encouraged to apply.

We are a diverse organisation and welcome everyone but it is important to note that the intersections of your identity will not increase or affect the amount of labour you are asked to do. If you wish to draw on your own lived experiences that will be both encouraged and supported but it is not nor ever will be a prerequisite of this role. 

How to Apply:

Submit a CV and cover letter to impact@beyondequality.org with the subject line 'Head of Quality, Learning and Impact'

The cover letter should set out how you meet the experience and skills requirements, and include a personal statement about your values and commitment to this work. You should also list any specific knowledge areas where you have deep expertise.

Deadline 31 March