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3 days/week
London based with remote/ work from home
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Job Title: Community Coordinator 

Hours: 3 days a week (flexible hours available), with the possibility of additional work as a facilitator. 

Location: London based, though predominantly work from home.

Salary: £30,000-£34,000 pa pro-rata (hours & salary depend on successful candidate’s experience) 

Reporting to: Director & Head of Training

Contract Type: Part-time, commencing September 2022

Application Process: Please fill out this application form. Shortlisted candidates will be invited to interview shortly thereafter.

Deadline: Applications close 5pm on 22 August, 2022. 

Job Introduction: 

The community has long been at the heart of Beyond Equality, both through the workshops with young people run by our facilitators and volunteers, the events we hold to connect and cultivate groups of male allies, and for what they contribute as individuals to our community.

We’re looking for someone to form the glue within this community. The role will be to welcome new people to the community, keep them informed about upcoming events and trainings, communicate our values and expertise consistently through internal newsletters, and to help co-create inclusive and compassionate spaces for our events and trainings. 

Duties & Responsibilities:

Welcoming and Engaging our Community 

  • Be the warm and approachable single point of contact for volunteers 
  • Support volunteers in their journey with B= and work to ensure they have a positive experience 

Volunteer Recruitment 

  • Working with Head of Volunteer Training to plan volunteer recruitment, and ensure sufficient trainings are booked
  • Processing volunteer applications
  • Inviting applicants to training 
  • Keeping volunteer records up to date 

Volunteer Management 

  • Working with Head of Training and Director to plan community events and training
  • Setting up blurbs and other advertising for events/training
  • Regularly attend school workshop delivery days 
  • Convene quarterly volunteer advisory group meetings

Community Communications

  • Compile input from staff team into a weekly community update email
  • Build learning journeys through curating interesting content, asking provocative questions, and structuring sequences of topics
  • Contribute to social media posts aimed at growing the volunteer community
  • Organise and Advertise meet up events to lead facilitators, staff and volunteers

General Admin & Team Involvement

  • Contribute to & attend team meetings
  • Provide updates and feedback on volunteers
  • Assist with community fundraising

Person Specification

Our dream Volunteer Community Coordinator is able to welcome and support volunteers who want to help create gender justice and rethink masculinities. They are passionate about our mission and making profound changes in the communities we work with. They are also compassionate and reflective, knowing that everyone has to start learning from somewhere, and no-one has finished the process. Our dream coordinator would be able to build a community of volunteers from a wide-variety of backgrounds. 


  • Interest and dedication to what we’re trying to achieve as an organisation (vision and mission)
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Experience in managing volunteers or similar groups of people
  • Ability to nurture a learning environment for all volunteers 
  • Ability to ensure a safe and inclusive environment, particularly for people who face oppression and discrimination on the basis of their identities
  • Ability to manage simple databases 


  • Self-starter attitude with an ability to create solutions
  • Experience working for a small organisation where everyone chips in to get things done
  • Experience facilitating workshops 

Equal Opportunities

Beyond Equality values diversity and inclusion and we have worked to create an application process that is as accessible as possible, however we still recognise that there is maybe more we can do especially for applicants who are minoritised in society, have specific accessibility needs and/or experience discrimination. If this is the case we are both happy and open to discussing better ways to support your candidacy and make this application process as equitable as possible for you. 

We’re open to non-conventional experience and expertise. People from communities which traditionally experience discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity or immigration status; women; new parents; people with disabilities and LGBTQI+ people are encouraged to apply.

We are a diverse organisation and welcome everyone but it is important to note that the intersections of your identity will not increase or affect the amount of labour you are asked to do. If you wish to draw on your own lived experiences that will be both encouraged and supported but it is not nor ever will be a prerequisite of this role. 

How to Apply:

Please fill out the following application form:

Applications close 5pm on 22 August, 2022. 

Please direct any questions about the role to or